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The Keeper's Secret (2016)

  • The Keeper's Secret,​ first prize in Tell Tale Publishing Group's 2015 Halloween Horror contest and winner of the Vincent Price Award. 
  • The Wran Song,​ second place in Toasted Cheese Literary Journal's 2015 Dead of Winter contest.
  • ​You will also find my work at GFT Press, and
  • In my first solo anthology (Dorchadas). 

Copyright © Robert James.

Dorchadas – darkness – has many twisted shades. It seems there are as many phobias as there are words in the dictionary, but certain fears and dark emotions have a special hold on us. Join me as I explore the darkness and expose the demons lurking in the shadows in this collection of short haunts:

  • The Wran Song: A macabre story of lost love and the mistakes of youth.
  • I'd Give Anything: ​It's hard to find a good sandwich when you're dead.
  • ​​Forgive Us Our Debts: ​On a field trip gone bad, you can run, but you can't hide.
  • If I Had Wings: The everyday struggles of a depressed mom.
  • The Final Wish:​ A paraplegic trapped in a loveless marriage finds comfort in her dreams.

Dorchadas (2019)

My Stories

At seventeen, Megan is an expert on death. Every time her dad takes her to a museum, she brings home a new friend – a dead one. Most lost souls move on quickly, once Megan helps them remember who they were (and why they died), but it’s not easy unpacking all those forgotten secrets. Joseph, the first light keeper at Shawnee Point Lighthouse, is no exception. Something evil haunted Joseph when he was alive, and it continues to plague him in death. Ultimately, Megan will have to deal with her own inner demons to overcome the malicious spirit that now torments them both.