airmid rising

light of the stars trilogy (Book 2)

(Tell-Tale Publishing, forthcoming)

 Apparently, cleansing this plane from the darkness and fulfilling their common destiny didn’t earn Dylan and Anne eternal bliss. Six months on, their superpowers are all muddled, their relationship is stuck in neutral, and the answers they seek elude them – buried in the past, wrapped up in secrets that are lost to the fabric of time.

Or are they?

It turns out, Rebecca isn’t exactly dead, and she still has plans for both of them. While Anne is spirited away to a supernatural sanctuary to commune with the ghosts of Rebecca’s past, Dylan is left in the present to juggle archaeologists, genetic scientists, and a host of familiar faces. Everyone wants to learn more about the light – what it is, how it works, and why they have it – but not everyone is pure of heart. Dylan and Anne will have to deal with selfish transgressions in both the past and present before they can be reunited.

dark fantasy | Supernatural | horror

Copyright 2015-2021, Robert James.

Desendent of Salem by Robert James (Kindle)

descendent of salem

light of the stars trilogy (Book 1)

(Tell-Tale Publishing, 2020)

Dylan would do anything to be reunited with his dead wife. He continues to profess his love for her every night when they make out in the cemetery. Anne just wants to be left alone, to practice her witchcraft, steal orgasms from trespassing teenagers, and live the life of a modern, independently wealthy hermit. Like a fly buzzing around the potato salad at a summer picnic, they’re a perfect match.

When a treasure hunting YouTuber discovers a cave with ancient symbols on the bottom of Lake Huron, their lives collide. It turns out, Anne and Dylan are part of a forgotten race that hold the key to humanity’s future, but their common destiny has an expiration date. They’ll have to uncover ancient secrets, reconcile their feelings for one another, and figure out their powers, before someone – or something – takes them away forever.