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My so-called Blog

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Blogging ain't my thing.

I like to think of my blog as a rabid demon that I've chained to the wall in my basement. Occasionally, it rattles the chains loud enough to get my attention, so I feed it and give it water.

You'll find the results below as linked PDFs.

This is where you'll learn more about my stories, see what makes me tick, and get a front-row seat as I open myself up to the world. 

Like little benign snippets of melancholia, torn from the smoking embers of my tortured soul.

I'll Fly Away: The inspiration for ​The Wran Song​ plus my man-crush for Edgar Allen Poe.

Of Cloudless Climes and Starry Skies:The opening scene to The Keeper's Secret​, and what makes them 'great' lakes?

T'was the Witch of November Come Stealing: ​Don't mess with me, man. I'm a descendent of Salem.

Here Comes the Sun: Let's talk about fear, baby.

A Minor ChordExplore the emotional power of music and one of the first things that ever scared me.

Dorchadas: ​Some thoughts on the darkness, and the latest installment of my storytelling journey.