Before GPS came along and destroyed our migratory instincts, you had to plan for a road trip. You needed maps, guide books, and information. Ideally, it would fit in the glovebox of your car, so you could grab it in your hour of need. Yeah, I was born before 1980. 

​My point is this – by learning the basics and reading the classics, you'll better understand the darkness. This is your chance to get all learned up on fear, horror, and the delicious things that lurk in the shadows. 

​Check yer wellies and grab a flashlight!

The Basics

This is the consensus list of the Top 103 creepy stories of all time.

I combed the darkest reaches of the internet and gathered this data from dozens of sources, so you don't have to.​​


RJ's Must Reads

Dark Fantasy | Horror | Supernatural

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So, you wanna do the darkness?

The Best of the Best

Everyone has their personal list of faves.

This is mine.

Don't know a graveyard poet from a hole in the ground? 

Want to learn the difference between splatterpunk and steampunk?

​This page is for you...

Horror:fear, intense dislike, abhorrence​
Dark:gloomy, mysterious, evil
Supernatural: outside the natural world